Kelab Sultan Sulaiman

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Rhino Arena Kelab Sultan Sulaiman (Rhino Arena KSS) is located in Kampung Baru. It is highly reachable via major highways and 5-minute walk from MRT station.

Our football field is made of artificial turf from Italy to ensure high quality playing experience. The field is also equipped with grand stand, changing room, advertisement boards, and retail booths.

We also provide prayer room and restrooms in KSS building for our customers.

Rhino Arena KSS is now operated by Nusa Raya Cemerlang Sdn Bhd.

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Futsal Court KSS

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The Futsal Court is located within the area of Kelab Sultan Sulaiman. One of the major landmarks in Kampung Baru area. It was originally a hall built of wood and later a building of stone.Now all football enthusiast can enjoy the new experience of this high quality football court.

Facilities Available:

  1. Changing room
  2. Toilet
  3. Cafe
  4. Prayer room
  5. Mini gym (Coming soon)
  6. Parking

* Price shown above is the Regular Price.

** Price varies based on time.

*** Price not including match officials.

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PBNS Rhino Arena Seremban

Currently under maintenance

Located near Wisma PBNS, Rhino Arena Seremban will provide new local football fans with new experience. Equipped with :
  1. Floodlights.
  2. Dressing Room.
  3. Spectator seating.

Rhino Arena Seremban will be open to the public in April 2019.